Meet claire

Hi, I’m Claire. I am a Hertfordshire-based cake maker, specialising in weddings. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my family’s bakery, which had been passed down through generations since it first opened in 1880. It is here that I worked, learned and fell in love with the deliciously beautiful world that is baking. I particularly adored working with wedding cakes, which led me to stepping out on my own to launch my own business. 

I am passionate about both intense flavour and artistic beauty. I strive to create delicious, fluffy cakes that not only taste amazing, but that also look exquisite. I believe your wedding cake should be a statement piece, playing a significant role in the look and styling of your wedding day. 


From multi-tiered masterpieces to the seriously stylish deconstructed wedding cake, impress your guests and make a real statement. 


Whether you’re looking for delicious wedding favours or just an extra treat for your guests, serve up these hand baked goodies. 


Something sweet and delicious for every event, from birthdays to wedding anniversaries and everything in between.

where the baking all began

My passion and knowledge for baking goes right back to 1880, when my Great Grandfather opened a small bakery in Kent. 

Both the bakery and my Great Grandfather’s love and talent for all things cake were passed down to my Grandfather, who was an expert in Royal Icing, and then my Father, who specialised in chocolate work and marzipan. 

It was at the family bakery where I fell in love with the industry myself. I spent a lot of time there, working, learning and soaking up the deliciously warm and happy atmosphere that came from making and delivering beautiful baked goods to our customers. 

I chose not to take over the family business and instead start my own cake company, working from my at-home cake studio and specialising in weddings. Wedding cakes give me the opportunity to indulge in my love of both sugarcraft and intense flavour, creating a centrepiece that is as delicious as it is beautiful. 

chocolate cake


I had this amazing cake made by Claire for my 50th birthday! Not only was it delicious (lemon flavour) but the intricate detail of the decoration was second to none! What an absolutely amazing, talented lady. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends!
Ginnie Carter